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I got a call Monday that my paint job was coming along, so today I took at trip to see Bryan at BD's Cycles to see what it looked like...

WOW! I wanted so many things in a paint job and talked over several things with Bryan, some being pearl white, pearl black, and I liked the thought of a checkerboard pattern also.

I got all three!!!!

It still need to be sanded and some more clear but here is what it looks like today. The colors in the checkerboard change and include green/orange/pearl and some more colors.

The sun was not out so the pearl in the black was hard to get but these photos show some...look closley


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Man this looks great!! Love the pattern on the tank top. Great colors too. Good Job.

Big-X man you know your'e gonna go blind when your'e riding down and the sun's hitting the chrome and bounces onto that tank with all that pearl. You better get some welding glasses or you'll go snow blind.
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