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So Cal meet & greet

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I just bought my VTX 3 weeks ago and would like to get together with some people from the VTXCAFE for a meet & great and a ride. I'm away on a camping trip and won't available until the middle of August, if it's not to hot maybe we can set something up. I was thinking about meeeting in Temecula for breakfast and going down 79 to san felipe rd to Julian, stop for fuel and then onto 79 back to 76 and if time permist we can do Palamor Mt. or just pass that road and head back to Temecula.
Or we can go to Borrego Springs, so many great roads in that part. Of course a lot depends on the wweather. It can get hot out there.
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28 views and no replies. looks like no one wants to meet N greet
Looked at the CA VTX riders site and didn't see it, Do you have a link to it?
The link worked, thank you
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