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2005 VTX1800 S2
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Hi folks, I realised on my ride today that all my indicators/blinkers are not working (1800C,30K kms). Have been faultless up until now.

I've cleaned out the switch on the bars (which seemed to be working ok previously, and not that dirty). No change.

I've checked the fuse,which is fine. No luck there.

I've multimeter tested the turn signal relay (I have the 9pin block with only 5 wires going in). No sign of life there (when indicator switch is activated either side). Completely dead.

I've removed my turn signal beeper kit (with hazards option) in case there was an issue there, and checked the remaining wiring. No luck.

I've checked the connectors in the light bucket in case loose etc. No luck there either.

There's no life in the green turn indicator on the 'dash' (on the tank).

All other electrics are working fine (incl. hi/lo beam, brake light (foot and hand).

So.....what am I missing?
If you are testing for power at the relay, the white/blue wire in the corner of the connector should have battery voltage with the ignition switch on. I am confused as to why you only have 5 wires going to the 9 pin relay. The nine pin connector should have 7 wires going to it on the C model.
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