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Ok guys my son has a Honda 599 Hornet well last night he was riding and he thought he was indestructible well not and he’s always being a big dummy and taking his bike to way over 160 mph so he lost it and crashed he messed up his Chin bad I mean the bone is exposed 12 inches in the front and he lost a LOT of meat from that area

So early yesterday morning they went to clean up all the rocks and dirt from the chin and they are going to keep cleaning it up so it won’t get infected oh they put him under it’s to painful to do when he awake.

I told him to slow down but what does dad know so guys please pray for him his name is JAVI or Javier.
Thanks! 😢💯🙏🏼
I wish it was me in so much pain and not him. 😢

He told me he seen my mom that’s been gone 12 years.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts