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Sonoran Desert / Pima Air and Space Museum. Saturday, March 28, 2015

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[h=1]Sonoran Desert / Pima Air and Space Museum[/h][h=3]Saturday, March 28, 2015[/h]8:00 AM
[h=3]Village Inn[/h]575 W Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ

We're gonna get our culture on!!!!
Start at the Village Inn in AJ (remember if you want breakfast, show early) then down the back way to The Sonoran Desert Museum. The fee is $19.50 per person, but it's supposed to be totally worth it. When we finish there we will continue to The Pima Air and Space Museum. The fee is also $19.50 per person. I've been there. If you like aircraft, you'll love this!
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Keep talking rides and things to see guys, this is great... more ideas please.... a few of us are shipping our bikes down to Vegas in May, riding around for a week and then riding back home
You need to meet up with Phreakish, he's been around the block and always has great ideas of where to take a nice ride.

I would highly recommend changing your proposed route to take gates pass road (then onto Speedway) back over to I-10 rather than continue down to Ajo. It's a bit more fun, with several scenic views. Unless you're planning to hit the old tucson studios on the way past.

Personally, I'd probably also continue down 77 to take Tangerine over to I-10. The view of the catalinas as you come down past Oro Valley is a sight.
I'll let the guys know and see what they say. These were just proposed rides and we put a couple of them a few months ahead for people to be able to plan for them accordingly. Anything can change until the ride including ride routes etc. Also there will most likely be rides added in between the rides that posted yesterday.

As always thanks Phreakish for your input. If you ever head down this way to phoenix let me know, I would be honored to meet you and I'm sure the other guys would as well. That goes for you Alien as well!

Ride Safe

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