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Spokes on my C

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Okay-- i love the look of the C- im not a fan of the cast wheels though - and am thinking of putting some R spokes on her.

I have 2 concerns im wondering if any R owners can help me with:

1. Maintenance- Are spoke rims a pain in the arse? Any problems using spokes>

2. Balance- Is a spokes wheel more prone to vibration or imbalance? My bike is smooth to 110 + and i want to keep it that way...

THoughts? :choppersm
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Rich- Are the tires different sizes?

If I do this, you have first crack at the c's
The more i think about it... And the more I Read, the more I want to save my pennies for Some RC Components Rims.

I looked all afternoon and didn't see anyone that made nice spoke wheels for the VTX_ only the ones from American Wire Wheel (a division of Dayton) - and those are all Harley Only Wheels.

Thanks for all the input guys- I appreciate it!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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