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Spokes on my C

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Okay-- i love the look of the C- im not a fan of the cast wheels though - and am thinking of putting some R spokes on her.

I have 2 concerns im wondering if any R owners can help me with:

1. Maintenance- Are spoke rims a pain in the arse? Any problems using spokes>

2. Balance- Is a spokes wheel more prone to vibration or imbalance? My bike is smooth to 110 + and i want to keep it that way...

THoughts? :choppersm
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In my opinion.....I didn't like the spokes. Hard to clean and Honda doesn't use the best quality metal, so the spokes tend to discolor.....I guess the same as the cast leaves water markes and spots.

On of the first things I noticed when I went from spokes to cast was the ride was a lot smoother. I also heard this from someone else, so I don't think it's just me.

The back tire is the same size, the front is 19" compared to 17" on the spokes.
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