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Stealth Fairing

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Does anyone have any input/reviews for the Stealth Fairing? They're selling on Ebay for 350.00 and "look" to be a pretty good deal. Their listed for HD but will they fit the 1300S?

Anyone selling a used fairing out there?????
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I bought one for Coop06 off ebay, well the inner of a HD Electraglide cuz I had an outer.
whole thing cost me $180.

you CAN mount an HD batwaing on a X (mine's a Streetglide)

Hunt for the cheap ones or (what I did was) make an offer on a buy now. Put ti in your watch list, when it ends and doesn't sell & they relist it, wait a few days and make an offer. good luck
What kind is that one your ride?
2008 Streetglide.

And Coop's Pa in law owns a machine shop... he's making the headlight bracket and mounts. HOPEFULLY he makes a couple sets...hint hint Coop!!
That's not genuine harley

You need Streetglide, Electraglide, or I've been told the Road King fairing bolt right on...almost.

I like to look of my Streetglide
pft... tell her it's spent and HUNT for the goody on ebay. Ask Coop06, he'll tell you. ;)
Unless you don't NEED a HD fairing? I found one I would have bought if this one wasn't there... need to find that site again.
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I can't wait to see Coop06's He's doing something different with his inner until he can afford the stereo and gauges. He says it's gonna be CLEAN looking. Why did he go on family holiday??? damn.
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