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Stealth Fairing

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Does anyone have any input/reviews for the Stealth Fairing? They're selling on Ebay for 350.00 and "look" to be a pretty good deal. Their listed for HD but will they fit the 1300S?

Anyone selling a used fairing out there?????
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Those fairings appear to be identical to my Invicta fairing...Invicta went out of business a few months back, and I suspect they either started back up under a new name, or somebody else bought their molds and put them back into production again...

Now for the nitty gritty...

They aren't a "direct fit" bolt on deal for a VTX...They are made to bolt right onto a Harley Roadking at the factory windshield mounting points....So what I did was fab up a steel bracket that uses existing mounting points on the VTX triple trees, and allows that (or any fairing designed to fit a Roadking) to be a bolt-on deal...I personally love my fairing and the time and $$ I spent making the mount was totally worth it...

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Both of those are aftermarket fairings...The "Stealth" is just like mine, with the 6X9 model they have has the speakers mount in from behind like mine....The other one has the speakers mount from the outside...

There's positives and negatives with a factory HD fairing...Positive is that aftermarket support is HUGE, with all kinds of parts and accessories available for them..The negative is all the gauge holes that would need to be filled with something...Versus the one like mine that only has holes for speakers, head unit, and power supply cable...
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