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storm chasing (pics)

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No I'm not out chasing tornados on the bike but lately it seems every time I fire it up one is chasing me. Last Sunday afternoon I was planning on burning some steaks on the grill. We had some weather earlier in the day but it had cleared up and was very nice. So before I get started I figure I'll make a beer run over to the next county, about 25 miles or so. When I left the house it was perfect but by the time I got to the beer store it looked like this.

Wind was blowing like mad so I dropped a 12 pack in my saddlebag and hightailed it East. The storms were actually moving South and trying to overtake me. I also must have seen 15 bikes headed right into it.

Here's a couple I took just after I pulled into the garage. Just barely beat it back home.

Anyway, me and the twelve pack made it home safe and sound. I think I ended up ordering a pizza.
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hmmmm...worst time the neighbors gave me was last october. they were making fun of "...the goofy looking guy on the black motorcycle...the one that was missing a turn signal." they were telling me how embarrassed they would be to have "that guy" at their house...and that maybe i shouldnt have him back. that way i dont embarrass the rest of the neighborhood as well. so this year, they made me have the dinner at another location...:bleh:

touche my slow friend
OH SMACK!!! I felt that all the way down here!!!!:spank:
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