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Survived the Dragon

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Well, we rode the Dragon today. I have to say that is was a fun ride. Kind of intense, too, but not as intense as I expected. Maybe because I had been psyching myself for it for so long. My wife didn't scream once, either! (Although there were a few squeaks from behind on some of the more interesting curves!). We stopped at deals gap and I got the patch (of course) and then rode 28 through Bryson City to Cherokee and on through the Newfound Gap back to Gatlinburg. All in all a fun ride today. I've been uploading pics every day to Photobucket: 2012/ if anyone is interested. We have another 9 days on our trip so there will be more pics forthcoming.


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My .02 is to follow Dennis' advice you will not be disappointed.

+1000 on that....
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