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Bought my 1300 brand new in 2007...A buddy at work had an 1800 for sale, and as soon as he started it up I decided against that bike...Had aftermarket pipes on it and sounded like a 50 year old farm tractor...Bought the 1300 brand new and have zero regrets...Currently at 52,000 miles and under it's third (and last) major makeover session...One weak link on the 1300 is the steering head bearings...They're ball-bearing with plastic retainers...The balls wear the races down which creates slop in the steering, which translates to decel wobble...I changed mine out for tapered roller bearings at about 17,000 miles and haven't had any issues...

Aftermarket parts can be difficult to find, depending on what you're looking for...These have been out of production over a decade, and aftermarket parts companies don't usually keep producing parts for dead models very long with the exception of Harley Davidson...OEM parts are still available....

Rear wheel removal on a stock VTX can be done within 20 minutes if you have all the correct tools beforehand...Driveshaft u-joint, not sure...Haven't heard of one needing replaced yet....
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