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I have an 05 1300R and hubby has an 08 1800S. I'm only 4'11" and am ever so comfy on my 1300.. can't even get the 1800 off the kickstand. Hubby loves his 1800 but it took him a few months to get comfortable on it... it's just soooo heavy. He had a Harley Dyna before and prior to that a Shadow 1100 Ace Tourer and prior to that a Goldwing Aspencade. He now loves the 1800, but when he rides my 1300 he always comments on what an easy bike it is to ride. I love mine but... I have a carb (since it's an'05) and it's a cold blooded beast to start for sure. Hubby's 08 is fuel injected and I'm jealous of him not having to patiently sit and wait before he can hit the road without stalling! I have never regretted my 05 VTX1300R - great low center of gravity compared to the Shadow 1100 Ace Tourer. Good luck whatever your choice. (And yes, don't take it off road.. it's not pretty!)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts