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I'd started having intermittent problems with the starter button on my R. It finally got bad enough that I had to check my headlights each time I did get started. Not good!

I found

Which gave me the pics and info from

Overall the information is spot on. However, the white plastic housing is a bit fragile so be careful prying the contact block (the black part with the four copper spots) out. I've got a wounded corner. :D

Also, definately pry the two spot contact out of the slider, stretch the spring a bit and grease up the legs of the contact when you re-install it. I failed to do this the first time and wound up taking the sucker apart 3 times -- which is why I know the house plastic is fragile! :bleh:

For general info: The two copper contacts towards the button are the headlight contacts...the other two are the starter. This could be useful info if you ever had catastrophic failure of the button mechanism and had to "hot wire" the bike!:mosh:

Oh yeah, I used electolytic grease from my trailer supplies to grease it all up. A small tube can be picked up from any auto parts store. I just trust is more than petroleum jelly - though I, too, have been known to use Vaseline when in a pinch.

Again, the information was very useful.

Oh, if anyone needs a new VTX switch let me know. I ordered one just in case the one I fixed was knackered. $70 and flat rate postage will get it to you. :D Otherwise, I've got a spare for future use.
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