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The long awated Goheen Garage Dolly Stand

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I have been working on this "stand with wheels" idea for a while and after 4 iterations i have come up with a solution. After getting this thing done and getting my bike up on it, i do not know how i lived with out this thing all this time!

If anything is interested in seeing it, We are having a small tech session at my place this weekend and I will have it there. Shoot me a PM if you need directions.:choppersm
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I am still working out the details on the pricing. I should know more on that at the beginning of the week next week.

Looks real good Jeremy. Congratulations. Wish I could be there this weekend. I still am amazed at the difference in my bike with the change of the bearings. Have an awesome tech session.

no problem brother. I will catch you at the next one! :bleh:
Hey Jeremy,
Looks great and based on your previous stand I am sure it will be a quality product. May have to have you retrofit my stand with wheels so I can use it this winter!
I am trying to figure out how i am going to do that. I knew that some guys with current stands would want that done. I will let you know what I come up with.

How about a pic or 2 to see your bike on it, and what kind of jacking or hoist system are you using ??
I will get some pics of my bike up on it tonight. I use the Yellow Craftsman Jack. I would almost say that it is the best jack around out there.
the front 2 are. i just did not have any of the brakes on them when i took that pic.
thanks man. I have lots of time and money in this design. I think that it hit the nail on the head. I will have pricing number Monday if anyone is interested.
As of right now, this is the way that the pricing is going to break down. Also anyone that is local has the option to pick any of them up.

210.00 + shipping for standard dolly without brakes
220.00 + shipping for standard dolly with brakes on 2 of the wheels
230.00 + shipping for standard dolly with brakes on all wheels.

Even without the brakes, the bike does not move if you are on pretty level ground. if you wanna be safe, you can always get one with 2 wheels with brakes (that is the way that i am running now). If you are really concerned about being on unlevel ground, all 4 wheels with brakes might be the way to go. If you have any questions, please let me know. :choppersm
Looks great, and congrats on that. I remember when you first started working this out. :cheers:

But it's still about $100 out of my price. I'll just have to keep on keeping on for now... :coffee:
I wish that I could get the cost lower brother, but the caster price is what is killing me. If there was something I could do, trust me I would be on it! thanks man! :cheers:
They are E.R. Wagner twin casters.

just got some good news on the price of the casters. It looks like right now I am going to be able to save everyone 20 bucks across the board on the caster price. so the price breakouts are going to look like this.

199.99 + shipping for standard dolly without brakes
209.99 + shipping for standard dolly with brakes on 2 of the wheels
219.99 + shipping for standard dolly with brakes on all wheels.
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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