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“…let’s light this candle.”
–Alan Shepard to mission control moments before the launch of Freedom 7, which made him the first American in space.

Seven. Six. Five. Four. The space shuttle launch simulator begins to rattle and shake. Strapped into my seat and lying flat on my back, I brace for the artificial blast-off. We’ve reached the ultimate stop on our Wings Tour, Kennedy Space Center, where the cutting edge of flight takes place. A shudder and we’re off, make-believe hurling into outer space at 17,000 miles per hour...

Read more about the The Wings Tour 2014: Leg Three + Video at

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Went to the site, found the Contact Us link, and emailed them this:


I joined the VTX Cafe back in 2007, as I had just acquired a VTX. For years it was a virtual home where the folks there became friends and the site was fresh and clean of spammers, because Ray Kirby kept it that way, along with his crew of excellent moderators. Now it is going down hill, fast. The moderators who are left seem to be unable to keep up with getting the spammers, and all we see from the admin is ads directing us to These self-aggrandizing threads would be easy to over-look, were it not for the continual barrage of spam trying to entice us to enlarge parts of our male bodies, buy prescription drugs from Canada, or get tablets and iPhones cheaper than any where else on the planet.

Folks, you bought it, now maintain it or you will have a shrinking audience, and be left a moribund site with little interest to anyone BUT spammers.

Beastie Boy/VTX Cafe

Let's see if it gets their attention. I figure it was a futile effort, but heck, it only cost me 10 minutes of my life.
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