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Thought this was funny

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I was looking on the VLS forum to see if we can drill out the pipes my girl friend's '98 VLX Shadow similar to the Clayton mod and came across this. Like the person who originally posted wrote, it is long winded.
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I did read the whole thing, and while a little long winded and short sighted, he did at least maintain a steady train of thought, right up until he complained that Harley was using outdated and ineffecient technology, and then, in an update, slammed Harley for going to Porsche to help develop the Revolution engine. He even went so far as to make some comparisons between Harley, Nazis, and skinheads.

Nothing says "I have a valid point" like bringing up Nazis...

I found it, uh, somewhat entertaining. Kind of like watching the drunk guy dance all by himself at the club somewhere after midnight. Good times there too.

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