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Don't really know how to describe this.

New rider and have a 1800C. Still have to get my license, go through the cycle safety course, etc...

So in the mean time i am driving it around in my drive way, across the street and back... so it's pretty tight quarters, turning, etc...

The one thing i've noticed is that the throttle/cable seems to have very, very little resistance when i turn the right grip.... man, i barely turn it and the bike just jumps !

With me being a beginner, i think i'd prefer to have to put just a little more force to turning the grip rather than less... make sense ?

I'm pretty good with turning a wrench, but I'm thinking there should be a way to increase the resistance on that throttle cable....

tighten the nuts where the cable comes out of the grip/handlebar ?

Go in from the outside end of the grip ?

Hope this makes sense ? Any help appreciated !

Thanks again ! David/So.GA

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There is a tensioning spring on the throttle body.
You would have to remove the air box to get to it.
There's a lot of us that did a mod a few years ago to lessen the pull,. because of hand cramps from trying to hold the throttle open.
That was done by unhooking the spring and letting it retract up to the next notch. If you bought your bike used this mod may have been done to it.
Hope this helps.:) ;)
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