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Toolkit comes in handy

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Well, today was the first time I've had to dig out my toolkit, but looking back, didn't need it after all. Went to a birthday party for a nephew about 40mi away, when it was time to leave, my bike was running very rough, then died, and it wouldn't start back up.:banghead: CRAP!!!Thought it might be the battery, but still had plenty of juice to crank, it was acting like it was starved for gas, so I took airbreather cover off, and sure enough, no gas, checkedfor kinked hoses, no problem there, just going crazy trying to figure this out, pulled the fuel line off gas cock, there was some there, then checked the vac hose, sure enough, that was it, it had come off at the tee fitting, got it back on & she fired right up. So, like I said, had a chance to break out the tools, but didn't really need 'em to fix the problem, but it's good insurance though. I gotta say I learned what to look for only because of the Cafe, if not for the info gained here, probably would still be there scratching my head.
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Another case of "better to have and not need, than need and not have!"

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