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Tortilla Flats

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Here are a few pictures of the guys as we went out for a nice ride to Tortilla Flats Arizona.

The weather like usual is great 60 - 70 degrees.

This is a great ride, lots of curves and one lane bridges to break up the ride.

Taken one handed over the helmet, gotta get a strap for that camera LOL

A little rustic restaurant at the end of the trail, yes that is one dollar bills all over the walls!

Tony and I were outnumbered today as most of our traveling friends ride Harleys. Not one bad comment from either side, just great riding!

Another behind the helmet shot, they were getting easier to do but timing them before a curve was the pits :(

The desert is beautiful this time of year not foreboding like it is in the summer.

Canyon lake

Its hard to believe that only a few months ago this lake was almost dry.

A few hours pass and its time to go home, logged a bout 200 miles total. To get to this little slice of heaven it is mostly freeways, the end here justifies the means.

I hope everyone had a great day!

Thanks to Micheal, Tony, Don, Mark, Dick, Jim, Bill, Nile for a great day of riding!

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Great scenery. Looks like a great time. Thanks for the pics.

Great pix, Dave. What kind of camera?
Great shots Dave! Really impressed with the over the helmet shots. Bet the cops would love to see it too. LOL Seriously, without a dought, I WOULD drop mine.
wow! I wish I had great senery like that by me! all I have is skyscrapers...
I gotta get down there someday and ride...Very cool!!!!
Canon A95

Great pix, Dave. What kind of camera?
It is a Canon A95 and is quite versatile with an articulating LCD or viewfinder.

Uses 4 AAA batteries so its a little bulky but is also easy to use!

Seriously I do need to put the strap on because I had to turn off the camera and shove into a pocket before a curve came up.
This ride is pretty curving so there are not many pics over the head LOL
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