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Trip to Kentucky

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Well, it seems noone uses this forum much, so I figured Id go ahead and post a little trip to Kentucky I just got home from.

Northern Kentucky is where Im from originallly. Im outside St. Louis now. The ride to Ky is only 350 miles one way. About the distance where you're thinking "ok, I could get off this thing for a little bit now" and you're there.

There are two ways I can get there. Highway (Blue) or Route 50 (Orange).

Route 50 is more relaxed, scenic.. but about an hour longer.

Since it was the Holiday Weekend, and I didn't want to be on the highway with all the holiday traffic and people who probably don't Normally drive on the highway, I decided to take Route 50 from St. Louis to Northern Kentucky. My original plan was to leave before dawn to miss the majority of the heat, but I didnt want to ride Route 50 when its dark out (critters). So I waited until dawn.. which put me at the destination in the noonday sun. The last hour or two was pretty warm, but I had sunblock.. Or so I thought...

Did you know sunblock expires and doesn't work? I had this sunblock in my saddlebags since about '08.. lathered it up and my arms are cooked... red as chili peppers.. So, I found out the hard way that sunblock does actually have an expiration date.

So, got there, and my dad comes over because he hasn't seen the VTX yet. He was actually talking about buying a VTX before he got the HD Ultra for so cheap he couldnt pass it up.. ($8k.. barely used, tons of accessories.. long story)

He liked what I had done to the VTX. Specifically mentioning how well the fairing fit the front end's looks (Reckless), Doug's Air Intake (the Edelbrock style) he thought was really cool, and also commented on the spyker plate and the engraved cover from Gr8fuljohn.

Took a ride down to the river.. there was some little bike gathering thing going on.. My arms were on Fire, but I didnt care.. I dont get to ride with my Dad often, and will any chance I get.

Stayed the night, then on the 4th we all grilled.. their neighbors came over.. drank way too much beer, ate way too much food.. all the neighbors pooled all their fireworks, and let them off in the cul de sac.. Woke up the next morning, and headed home. Got up early enough to miss the majority of the heat again, but just like before.. around noon, I was stopping every 50-60 miles because my arms were killin me.. I got sunblock, so they werent getting Worse, but they were still burnt and out in the sunlight, which stings a bit.

On the way back, met a couple at a gas station.. they were going from KC to Boston on Rt. 50. He was on a 2010 Ultra. Very nice bike. He looked at mine and said "Thats a Honda?" He couldnt believe it was a Honda. He said "Ive never seen a Honda modified so much, it looks great!". Then another guy came up from the pumps a little ways away and asked what kind of fairing it was. Turns out he was on an 1800, and was looking for a fairing for it. I explained what kind it was, how it mounted, the pro's and con's.. Then he wanted to know what kind of pipes I had. He thought they were Bub's (similar look and sound) but I told em they were Samson Warlords then explained that they may not sound exactly the same on the 1800 due to single-pin and dual-pin cranks.. told em about the Cafe too.

Aside from getting to ride with my Dad, I had another pleasant suprise.

As some of you know, I finally got the Carb dialed in correctly with the "Edelbrock Style" Intake. (Doug's Edelbrocks are easier to tune than mine.. mine is the same style, but a Holley... so the guts are different and it was a pain in the ass to dial in). This took awhile, but I finally got it running excellent.

Now, the suprise.. Was at 37 or so MPG with Stock intake Decapped.

Over 6 tanks of gas.. I averaged 43 mpg! :eek: :D :mosh:

Love those 3-day weekend rides.. Only get to visit for a day, but I like riding, so Ill do that any chance I get. Next 3 day weekend is 16th-18th of July and Im headed to the Smokies with some LEO friends.

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Sounds like a good ride and good times, can't bet that
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