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Don't think Stump will ever want to do go through the frustration he went through with the last one.

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If you go back and read the last half-dozen or so posts on group buy #2 from Stump I think it would be very safe to say that he's done putting together anymore group buys from them.

If your interested in Tsukayus products, there is a place called that carries all their products and the customer service is outstanding.

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Thanks for the replies! Frustration is not a good thing! By-the-way, is no longer. Went to the site and it's not there.

Thanks, though.

I was thinking about their quick release bags with trunk and 6x9 batwing. Don't want to change my pipes. Went on a trip with a guy who had stage 3's to St. Louis. Couldn't hear for awhile. Came back a day early by myself and really appreciate the stock pipes....

(I know, loud pipes save lives!)

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