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Been tracking these for some time now and finally pulled the plug to get a pair ready-to-paint (arrived in 3 weeks). They came in excellent fiber-glass packing and below is a summary of my learning curve
to get a decent fit. (Hope it helps others - goes w/o saying, I've benefited myself from threads earlier on this topic; just an effort to provide some tech details)

My Current set-up:

  • Hondaline Deluxe brackets for luggage rack: Has a long spacer (16mm / 5/8") with the front bolt (towards engine) and a short spacer (10mm / 3/8") for the middle bolt. These spacers are behind the bracket.
  • Exhaust: Roadhouse slip-ons sit a couple of inches higher than the stockers.

Tsuyaku's H/W

  1. Long Rear bolt towards the license plate (3 3/8")
  2. Short Middle bolt(3 3/4")
  3. Long spacer (1 3/8")
  4. Short spacer (3/4")

Mounting Attempts:

  1. Pics in my album has a set of pictures showing the set up using Tsuyaku's bolts and just their long spacer on rear bolt provided. As you notice from my comments in the pics - bags sit too far away from bike and very close to the pipes. Didn't want this...:banghead:
  2. 2nd set of pics has set up with a 7/8" spacer on the rear bolt - very close to the beezles, literally squeezing them..almost there..:D
  3. last pic below is the modified crude winning formula that was almost good with some washers..time to find correct lenght bolts, spacers at a store.:cheers:
I'll update this thread w pics when I've them painted - do subscribe...:choppersm

Folks who have these bags already on a 1300...Can you please express your opinion..are they too close to the pipe?...

Based on your comments I will have to choose b/w the bags and the pipes...

I like the roadhouse slipons so much - I would like to investigate if someone can re-chrome them to remove the yellowing on them..
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