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Hi all,

I am going to get a new set of tires, the old ones are starting to crack... I was planning to just go with the OEM ones, the Dunnies. I have an S, so I do need tubes as well rim strips. This is the first time I'm buying these things, and I can't seem to figure out what would be a good choice for the tubes. Not that it probably matters TOO much, but even finding the right size seems difficult. Do I need to go with same sizes as quoted for the tires (front 140/80-17, rear 170/80-15) or do I want something else? I can't find many tubes with these sizes... Also: many tubes on sites come with numbers for sizes that seem WAY too low to me (e.g. 2.50-19), what's up with that?

I tried to search the forum for it but couldn't find a useful thread. If I missed it: my apologies and feel free to just refer me elsewhere!

Thanks, once again, for any help!

Cheers, Harcel
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