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Been getting a few requests via PM about this, so figured it's easier to just post this way for everyone to checkout....The Mutazu saddlebag hardware has gotten a bad rap about being flimsy, and letting the bags bounce alot...While the mount brackets themselves are actually quite sturdy, they tend to get a bounce from where they mount in the fender struts...(BTW, I watched a rider with the Tsukayu bags leave here one day and his bags bounce just as much as the Mutazu bags do)...Anyways, I had planned all along to ditch the factory rear turn signals and mount lights in the saddlebags...So rather than just plug that hole, I used it as another bag mount location, and to hide the wiring going into the saddlebags for the turn signals....

This is a "make sure this is what you want, because there's no turning back" kinda mod...So with that in mind, it's time to ruin the rear turn signals :icon_eek:...First, you remove the guts out of the chrome part of the signals, then cut the wires off in there...Then comes a game of tug-o-war....The chrome pieces are just pressed on to the rubber mount, so alot of tugging and wiggling is needed to remove them...Now these could probably be put back together if desired, but as difficult as it was to remove the chrome parts, I really don't see me having the patience to put them back together!!

Now what you'll have is the rubber mounts with a pair of wires sticking out of them....Now get a wrench (don't remember the size), and remove the bolt inside the fender on each one that holds it in place...Go ahead and remove them both at this time...For my lights in the bags, I have them wired as run/turns, so I needed to tap into the tail light/license plate light wiring and add a wire to each side....Needed some additional room inside the rubber mount, so drilled the wiring channel out a bit....The bolts that hold the rubber mounts to the fender are 6mm, so I ordered some 6mm all-thread from Mc Master-Carr...Got some 6mm nuts (6 of them) at ACE Hardware (they don't carry 6mm all-thread), and cut a couple pieces of the all-thread long enough to protrude into the saddlebags....I used 2 of the 6mm nuts at one end of the all-thread and used RED loctite and jammed them against each other to make it like the head of a bolt..Then threaded each piece through the threaded hole in the fender from the inside, and added some BLUE loctite before it became tight against the inside of the fender...This made a mounting stud for another location to mount the saddlebags, which REALLY makes a difference in how much the bags bounce...Then use some silicone spray or WD 40 in the wire channel and fish the wires through it (I might have done this before tightening the bolt/stud, can't really remember)...You'll have to extend the wires (soldering required) so they'll reach inside the bags at this point...I used bullet connectors to enable easy connect/disconnect for bag removal...Here's some pics...

Inside the fender...

Was looking for something chrome to bridge the gap, and cover the funky-looking end of the rubber piece, but still haven't found anything that'll work...But I did find a plastic tube at ACE Hardware in the electrical department that is for making your own lamp...It covers the wiring, etc..So I cut a couple pieces the right length and sprayed them with some semi-gloss black....Also got a couple fender washers and modded them so the studs and wiring would fit through, and this becomes a gasket where everything goes through the hole that gets cut in each saddlebag...

Then locate where the stud and wiring will go through the bags, and drill that out, you'll need an oval shape big enough for the bullet connectors to fit through, but within the gasket diameter...Then assemble everything, and I used a 6mm nut and nylon washer inside each bag...The bags will pull in towards the fender some, and really sturdy-up the mounts, decreasing how much the bags bounce...Doesn't eliminate it completely, but reduces it quite a bit...

Hope this helps others that have thought about doing the same thing...:cheers:
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