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Lets get together for one last M&G before the cold sets in. A lunch place will be picked somewhat central to those who commit to riding on Sat., Dec. 17th. I'll be posting this on both the Ala. and Ga. boards.
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Hey returnbiker, you above or below the mason dixon in Leesburg?

We're below the Mason-Dixon line. Leesburg, Virginia is due west of Washington, DC. About an hour driving (or three hours, depending on traffic!).

There's also a Leesburg, Florida, but that's not where I am.

Just making sure.... you're barely recognized as southern, but as long as you're below! I've been through Leesburg FL more times than I can count...

I was driving back from Canada one time and just crossed the Mason Dixon when I stopped for gas, went inside and the lady asked me how I was doin, I told her better now that I was below the Mason Dixon and she hollered "hallelujah!"...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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