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I have a Rider and Passenger seat set off of my 2008 VTX 1300 R.
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From Ultimate :
# 2P10090 -
2 pc. set, Lowrider seat with Passenger seat - plain - $525

There is a 1.5" rub on the passenger seat, right side near the back, otherwise they are in perfect condition.

$325 + $25 shipping. Use a credit card through PayPal if you don't have the cash. It's a great price.

I added images below...


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Mondo ..... it's a Boulovard C90 ... (1500) Sorry, I thought I posted that. I joined some VL sites and get to learn a bunch of new things from these folks, and share what I have learned here.
I looked it up on Google images. Nice looking bike! Just curious...why didn't you choose another VTX? And...what made you choose the C90? I sure hope you stick around here on the cafe. I have always enjoyed your posts and input. :)

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