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Update to an old thread on VTX Parking Signs

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A thread was posted close to a year ago now by me about getting some custom VTX parking signs made. Turns out the company that was going to do them for a tolerable cost backed out. Could not find a replacement vendor that would do them for less than right at $30.00 - $40.00. (too much)

Thread was located here:

Hince THIS new thread.

This little project was never forgotten but took me this long to find a vendor that would do this for any kind of reasonable cost.

Have found a vendor that will do the signs and I think I can get them to you for around $15.00. Will have to finalize that number, will depend on order size.

They will be made of Coroplast (indoor/outdoor material) at a 24 x 18 or 24 x 12 size.

Just wondered if there was still any interest?

I apologize for this taking so long but it has been an on and off the burner thing for the last 10-11 months.
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that would be cool
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