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Finally got time to complete the mods on the Shadow - get it cleaned - and pics taken.

Please excuse the pics - cell phone - all that was handy.
Completed additions and mods below:
• Memphis Shades Fats 21” Gradient Black Windshield / Memphis Shades Quick Release Mounting Kit
• Memphis Shades Lowers - Black / Mounting Kit
• Kuryakyn Premium Rear Floorboards / Swivel Adaptors
• Kuryakyn SwingWing Front Pegs / Swivel Adaptors
• Kuryakyn ISO Grips
• Kuryakyn Throttle Boss
• Cobra Sissy bar
• Cobra Chrome Sissy Bar Pad Insert
• Cobra Luggage Rack
• Cobra Freeway Bar
• Cobra Light Bar
• Phat Riser III's - 8" for 750 Spirit
• OEM Mirrors - VTX 1800
• BrakeAway Throttle Control
• JTD Cycles Lowers for VT 750C2 / Painted / Glove Boxes
• Big Bike Parts Show Crome Drive Shaft Cover
• Big Bike Parts Show Chrome Drive Shaft Bolt Trim
• Big Bike Parts Show Crome Radiator Cover
• Big Bike Parts Show Horn Cover
• Vance & Hines Cruzer Dual Exhaust
• Saddlemen Cruiser Tool Bag Large
• Saddlemen Large Express Cruis'n Large Slant Saddlebags
• SaddleStow BR3400 Dresser Sissy Bar Bag
• Peacful Cruisin’ Custom Tank Bib
• Lazy Rider Small Barrel Bag
• Robert Doerr Custom Seat Mod with graphic
• ButtyBuddy auxiliary seat
• Clocks4bikes Clock
• Clocks4bikes Thermometer
• HealTech Digital Gear Indicator
• Kisan Signal Minder
• Xena XX-6 Disc Lock Alarm
• Gremlin Bell
• Kuryakyn Switchblade Pegs / Longhorn offset peg mounts
• Utopia Backrest
• K&N Filter​
The one not completed • getting final parts from SPyKER this week.
• WhyPush “Tribal Flame” Air Box / Kuryakyn Carburetor Jet Kit​

Thanks for looking ...

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Looks great. Nice way to get her to agree to let you buy & wrench since it's her bike. My only comment would be that I made damn sure my wife's Shadow was a solo bike...

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Looks good Bobby.

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sweet looking bike.. good job :D

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Looks really Great :cheers: Very Sharp looking ride your wife has.:patriot:

I don't think I will let J see this thread though, you list of mods to your wife's bike is longer than my list for J's bike. And she would insist on me making her mod list longer:nope::cool:

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do u have some pics of the JTD Cycles Lowers for VT 750C2 / Painted / Glove Boxes???

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looks nice!

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Obviously something I can NOT show Shelle! :nono:

She has an '09 Shadow Spirit. :icon_susp
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