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Sold the VTX and now I am looking to clean out my garage. Up for sale is a used kury lizard light maximus kit. This kit includes 6 lights, control box and the wiring and connectors that you see pictured. This kit does not come with the original packaging or instructions. Some of the lights are in great shape (as shown) some have some chips in the chrome from road debris (as shown) and one or two have small cracks in the casing (as shown) but ALL lights work as they should (as shown). I also removed the old sticky tape and put some fresh on for you, just so you dont have to worry bout cleaning them off and getting more tape.

This kit also comes with a kury super lizard light expansion kit. The super lizard lights (shown on the right side of the picture) are advertised as not compatible with the original lizard lights, but as you see in the first pic they work fine.

All functions of this kit work including the pulse function, pulse speed, steady on, and all colors work with no burned out bulbs.

Looking for $120 SHIPPED to your door in the 48.
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