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Just finished the valve adjustments on both jugs on my '03 VTX1800c. It was quite the chore. First time around I thought I was all set. Turned the motor over by hand several times. Both intake valves in front needed further adjustment but the exhaust valve was ok. In the rear one intake and, my favorite, the exhaust valve needed more adjusting. So the third time around all was good and what a relief. This bike has 11k miles and this might have been the first time this has ever been done. As I remember all the valves were too tight to begin with. The covers were very grimy/dirty as was the whole top of the motor. Had to use engine degreaser to get them clean. Reason I am writing this is because if I can do this then anybody can. Nowadays motorcycles are a toy like boats or snowmobiles. They need maintenance and the more one does on their own the more money you save. Guy I bought it from last October said all he ever did was change oil/filter once a year. The air filter was a filthy oily mess as was the throttle body and air intake area. Lots more to do on this machine. Keep you posted.


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