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2007 Honda VTX 1800F
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Hello Friends,
I just purchased a set of Viking Single Strap Shock Cutout Slanted Large Motorcycle Saddlebags for my 2007 VTX 1800F. However, I am having a lot of difficulties getting them installed and wanted to see if anyone has solved the riddle. I have a backrest and sissy bar combo which I believe covering up the normal installation bolts.

I attempted to follow the instructions for the installation using the FAT Brackets, however, it appears those are not appropriate for my model bike and the bags I ordered. With the shock cutout, the front fender bolt missed any part of the bag that can be drilled into. Similarly in the event, I was able to squeeze a hole in that location, the bottom of the FAT bracket would having nothing to be mounted on. I, therefore, assume that the “throw-over” installation is the only one appropriate for the combination of the bag configuration and motorcycle model.

HELP !!!

03_Content C.JPG
05_Seat and Sissy Bar.JPG
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