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I have a 2005 VTX 1300, the bike was ran without oil. The first thing we did was put oil in it to see if it would start and it would but we couldn’t rev it over a certain RPM then the bike would shut off and just turn over. Now it won’t even start. I’m not mechanically inclined and have no idea where to go from here. Wondering if I need an engine rebuild or engine replacement and how much it would be. Could I do it myself with YouTube or do I need a shop?
How long was it ran without oil? How did it ran out of oil? Did it set unused for a long period of time after the oil issue? It's terrible either way but if it was just a brief minute or two it might be serviceable. If it was ran until it soft seized then you could be assured some damage was done or a catastrophic amount was done. Have you attempted a compression test? Try draining the oil and see what contaminants or debis is in the oil you briefly ran it on. Was it knocking or tapping when it ran? I would do a compression test and if that shows serviceable compression then I would get a borescope to check the cylinder walls and piston. It's very possible that the engine was heavily damaged but there's no sense in throwing it out without at least checking it. I assume from what you've said that you don't have the tools to diagnose these issues. Harbor Freight has a compression test kit for $30 and you can get a cheap borescope that connects to an android phone from Amazon. Last thing, where are you located? Someone near you may be willing to check it for you.
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