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VTX 1800 questions

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new to the site and I have done some digging around looking for some answers.
If these answers are already on here please forgive me, I couldn't find them.
I just got an 02 1800r with 7400 miles on it. It has a couple of quirks that i think are just it's character but want to to get some feedback from fellow 1800 owners.

1: The motor sounds typical when cold but one it warms up it gets some valve noise that sounds like loose lifters on an old small block v8, is this normal for the big twin? I saw one guy posted it sounds like "a pissed off sewing machine doing steroids" and that sounds about right but it looked like he was the only one.

2: Every now and again when downshifting in town the shifter wont allow me to down into 1'st and this seemed to happen when hot as well.

3: last but not least I see several 1300 owners have done the Clayton mod but the 1800's don't really have any posts about this mod,unless I'm searching wrong which is probably the case :)

Love the bike been riding Honda's my whole life and have had several, cb's,cmx,76 GL, cb1100 f drag bike,shadow, 3 Elsinore 250's, 2 XRs. Love Honda's they are awesome bikes. This is my first vtwin and thats why I have questions on typical grunts and groans.

Thank you much in advance.
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Thank you much, have you done the mod to your 1800 and did you like it ?

From 2nd to 1st, I have never been one to put in neutral at lights and what not. Have you tried the exhaust mod and if so did it tickle your ears?

Thanks for the replies, I am thinking about doing the clayton root mod next weekend. The 1800 is a ton of fun and the torque is a blast. I got it last Wednesday and on Friday I headed out on the road for about 300 miles to work on a jobsite and man my cheeks hurt from grinning every single mile of the 600 mile round trip journey. I had forgotten how much i enjoyed the road.
Thank you for giving your input on what you thought of it on your bikes. I'm in North Texas so we will have a few no ride days due to ice this winter but for the most part 12 month riding season.. God bless Texas :)

I may give that exhaust company a shot, it's definitely priced right. Thank you. Any of you guys have a synthetic you prefer?
hey if you need pipes got a set of Cobra Classic Deluxe Slash Cut
pipes that came of my 04 1800 R and come with a Cobra FI 2000
fuel processor got pic's if you like:choppersm
sure shoot me some pics and price, [email protected]. Why are you getting rid of them? Does the bike need the FI remapped for the pipes?

I did the "Clayton" mod on my 1800 retro. it does sound better than the stock pipes.

I eventually went with aftermarket pipes and enjoy the sound much more.

I do not think you will need to worry about the pair valve removal if you drill. Changing pipes is a different story though.

Enjoy the X and ride safe.
Do you happen to be running a synthetic in your 1800?
I did the Clayton Mod on my 1800 and I like it. I don't like loud pipes and it gave it a little more rumble, but best of all it stopped the decel popping I used to have.
good to hear as mine decel pops a bit, can't wait to take the drill to her :)

First...welcome aboard from Montgomery, TX! :cheers: Now...1. As previously stated, worry if it doesn't tick. 2. As previously stated, lube if necessary. Switch to full synthetic. It does make it smoother. 3. Drill until your happy. No need for pair valve mod. Suggestion...since you're in the Dallas area check out I believe they are in your area and have read some great satisfaction comments post by other members about them. Good luck. Ride safe :choppersm
which synthetic are you running in your big twin
I am running Rotella 5W40 syn and it makes a big difference in crankcase temp and shifter CLUNK. Based on what I have read, it is the best oil in the world.
Is this Rotella T? I went to wallyworld today and about had a nervous breakdown trying to find the right oil. I only found one that specifically said "energy conserving" so i axed that one but all of the mobil products had some sort of verbiage that looked or sounded like some form of friction minimizing energy saving junk written on them and of course no MC specific oil.
Thank you, finally a definitive answer.You are a lifesaver and it looks like round two at wallyworld tomorrow.

Have an awesome one :)
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