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Wahooooo! Up CA coast!!

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Just finished a weekend ride up the beautiful CA coast from San Luis Obispo to Monterrey. Made it a two day ride with lots of side roads. Weather wasn't the best but it was still excellent. This was my first long ride. Our next ride is through the Utah in Sept. We'll hit the Grand staircase, Zions, Bryce canyon...lots of cool windy roads.
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Well now you should be almost in shape for the Redwood Run this weekend, june 9th
We were just talking about how much we'd like to ride through the Redwoods and Yosemite. I think that'll have to be next year though. Two long weekend trips without our wives is pushing the marital limit!!!
Now you can see some pictures!!!

Check out my photo gallery and you can see a few of our CA coast trip!!

Here ya go...Glad you got them loaded !! BB ;)...Sorry have to did ya eat(smoke) the

Boop - thanks for posting these for me! I've got to figure out how to do this!

I'll tell you what - the one bro-in-law has the 1300R, the other one has the Suzuki M109R, and friend has the HD. The HD and M109R are so freakin fast!! We're alot more comfortable and our bikes have all the power and speed that I could ever want and need. However, those two bikes take off and leave us in their dust. When they hit the higher RPMs, there's no catching them. Off the line I keep can keep up but those higher RPMs are where I watch them leave me. I've ridden both a couple of times and I would much prefer the VTX to them! The M109R is an 1800 cc.

Good times was had by all and we'll do it again! We're actually talking about riding in Germany next year!

Thanks again Boop!!!!:cheers:
By the way, June 2 was my birthday!! Do I have a great wife or what?? Taking a ride up the coast with my buddies for my 45th!!! Excellent!!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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