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Would you ride it in the rain?

Would you ride it with ankle pain?

Could you, would you, ride it fast?

Why yes friend cage, you bet your @ss!


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I hope Dr. Suess does (did)...just like I hope Santa Claus rides an X as well, and when he visits my house this Christmas time some of the part on his fully tricked out X just happen to fall off under my tree!!!!

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You want wind in your face?
and not have to give chase?

No need to be bored!
This is something you can afford!

Dont be senseless!
Make your friends jealous!

Spend Less!
Avoid the Stress!

Dont conform!
To the norm!

Dont Obsess!
Ride a VTX!

.....Its better than Sex!


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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