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weird but fascinating bike design...

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I know there are a few of these types of bikes around...but still look very "different" though...

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very cool.....Ive seen some bad ass hubless bikes...
Does look really cool\
First one Ive seen with the front hubless
WICKED!!!!! First time I've seen that front and rear.
first time i ever seen one. :hmm2:
first time i ever seen one. :hmm2:
same here....
That looks like one of the bikes from Amen Motorcycles in Rogersville, Tn

Hubless wheels are cool but they are very complex and prone to failure not to mention extremely expensive but they do look awesome.
Very cool.

No offense to farmers, but they should have had a cooler-looking guy for the baby pictures.
I love it:icon_eek:
That is cool looking,
I wonder about suspension?
actually i remember seeing something about these on that biker buildoff show. the guy riding in the pictures says he came up with the design for them, and claims that Billy Lane stole the design and produced it before he could.
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1st time I saw one I couldn't believe it was a real bike. It only had it on the front wheel. Not until the Dude started it up and rode it around the parking lot !:icon_eek:
:choppersmride on !!!!!
Damn sure makes it easy to check tire pressure and keep your wheels clean! :mosh:
same here....
same here too, never seen one before. Crazy stuff
very different. probably not my first choice.
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It would be neat for a second bike. But wont take fhe place of my "X".
found out its called the "hubless monster"
a clip from youtube too...
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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