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Wet sanding/buffing

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Work for a car dealership (used car mgr) got the chance to go to a "detail school" and learned lots of stuff about details. I got the chance to do a little wet sanding, compounding, claying and buffing. Clay does wonders for smoothing the paint (clear) and wet sanding is not quite as hard or intimidating as it sounds. The guy teaching explaind about "softer" clears which our X seems to have. The one thing he preached is when wiping down things make sure you are working with clean towels. Detailed a black Lexus and he wiped down the car with a dirty rag, the scratches the rag put in the car were unbelievable.
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I'm curious. Is Clay a Rouge compund? Don't know a lot about finish work. My Bike has some mini scratches in it from my neighbors cat. Here kitty kitty! I loose my attack chihuahuas when I can, but the damage is done. It even got my handle bars, but I have Mothers for that. Any help would be appreciated. I'd like to clean it up but I'm afraid of rubbing compound due to the soft clearcoat. Take care, Greg....


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