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what seat is best?

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I've got a 2002 1800R illusion blue (the fastest color)
anyway it has the mustang seat on it
my question is... is there a seat out there that will make my X feel as smooth as my wing?
my 1993 gl1500 has a corbin on it but she got totalled last weekend by a (wouldnt you know it)Harley electra glide.
so I figured if I could find the comfort of the wing on my X then momma wont be so mad about the wreak
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since you asked ... we (my brothers and I .three bikes) went to south alabama for 50th wedding anniversery party for a cousin. 7 hours in the saddle 340 miles a little rain not much beautiful ride left the party in samson and rode up to enterprise(about 30 miles away)to spend the night at another cousins and right as I turned into her driveway...screech pow bang!!! my little brother on his 2005 harley t-boned me.
my baby dug to gouges into the asphalt for 18 feet(actual measurement) he and his bike landed on top of me and my wing.
destroyed my right saddlebag,damaged the trunk,left saddle,chrome guards left mirror fairing sheared of right foot peg and broke the left not to mention the other little pieces.
we both ,thank god, walked away with minor bruising but the insurance put his damages at 3500 so they'll fix his but my dages are over 7500 and since my gl1500 is a 93 with 171,000 on her they say she's only worth 9100 (surprised me) they want to total her(all over a bunch of plastic) we're still in talks over this I dont want her totalled but they say their hands are tied by the laws in sc. I cant understand how a wreak that was not any of my fault could cost me my ride
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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