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Wheels Motorsports in Toms River NJ

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Do yourself a favor and never take your bike to this place for service; I had my bike towed there when the water pump went. I then proceeded to tell them they might as well do the valve adjustment as long as their going to be keeping it for two week to wait for the water pump to come in. Their responce ? "THE VALVES ON A VTX DON'T NEED TO BE ADJUSTED" !!!!! That is the last time I will trust them with my bike. How can a dealer know so little about a bike they sell and service. Kinda scary if you ask me. :rolleyes:
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Just to also point out what end of the spectrum they are likely at:

I just rode my bike from florida to new york, needed a waterpump in binghamton new york and binghamton honda overnighted the pump in and had my bike back to me within 24 hours of receiving the pump even though they had 2 weeks of work in the queue. I strongly suggest them.
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