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Ok for a while now I have been thinking about getting rid of the spoke wheels on my '05 1300s. I am wondering if there are any problems with switching to the cast wheels that the R model comes with. I am thinking of this in order to run tubless tires, I think that I would feel much safer on radials.

Anyone have any pros or cons to this idea, and I know now I should have just bought the 1300r.
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No problem at all. It's a direct swap. No cons that I've come across, but I've heard about water stains on the rims because there's no clear coat. I used Rejex soil barrier on mine and I've haven't had a problem, make sure you follow the instructions. I've noticed my bike rides a little smoother with the cast rims and radial tires and also you can plug a leak in an a emergency because they don't have tubes.....a big plus! If you want to polish them, do it before you mount them. It maskes it much easier. I used Nevr-Dull wadding along with the Mother's polishing ball mini.
My mistake. I have bias ply on both the front and rear. I should have posted, "bike runs much soother with the cast rims." Sorry about the confusion.
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