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Ok for a while now I have been thinking about getting rid of the spoke wheels on my '05 1300s. I am wondering if there are any problems with switching to the cast wheels that the R model comes with. I am thinking of this in order to run tubless tires, I think that I would feel much safer on radials.

Anyone have any pros or cons to this idea, and I know now I should have just bought the 1300r.
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Green Ghost said:
Don't know about the S wheels yet. I'm not getting wet to weigh them.
BUT the C Model Wheels Weigh in at ( Front 23 lbs. Rear 21 lbs. ) Just bearings and seals, NO TIRES NO ROTORS. GG :D
What you cant get wet for us GG.:D Enquiring minds want to know. ;)

Goldsmith said:
What you cant get wet for us GG.:D Enquiring minds want to know. ;)
The Spokes are locked up about a hundred yards from the house. It is raining like crazy here. am I not getting wet just to weigh them. Not walking in the rain, Not riding the ATV in the rain. Trucks Clean, so it's a no go. GG :D

Goldsmith said:
Just kidding.
I do want to know the true weights of the wheels. Got me thinking!! Are you going on the spring ride Goldsmith?? Or are you really to tight to take a day off?? GG :D
Well Alright Then

Goldsmith said:
LOL. BASTARD. LOL Yes I am going. LOL
Well I like your choice of words. Good I'll get to see you then. GG :D
Personally, I like the look of C rims on the R, like Green Ghosht and Coley. I think they look real classy. I never liked spokes. For me, they went out with kick starters and drum brakes.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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