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Where Can I Find A Honest, Reasonable, Honda Dealer or Shop In San Diego County?

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I was a little surprised to find out how much Honda authorized service is just for my first 600 mile check. Both shops told me that the cost was going to be around $300 to change the oil, and examine my bike. My first thoughts were, "are you &#@% kidding me?"

I want to change out my Honda VTX 1300c handle bars to the VTX 1300 R cruiser style handle bars. Again the Honda authorized dealers seemed surprise that I was considering this. The service centers quoted around $500 which included parts and labor. Wow! This is indeed an expensive hobby.

What motorcycle shop, dealer or well known seasoned mechanic do you recommend around San Diego County? I know changing out a set of handle bars, which may include installing new cables for the brakes, clutch , and throttle shouldn't be that difficult for a seasoned mechanic or shop that specializes in custom work.

Finally, what type of windshield do you recommend Memphis Shade or National Cycle Switchblade?

Take care brothers and sisters.
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Shops charge $80/hr labor in my region and generally round up on time. Changing the oil will suck up an hour (if you want to roll the cost of fluid/filter), the other two hours are to check the valves, hence the $300. Inspecting the valves involves taking a good portion of the bike apart. You can save money on the oil change and do your own and have them check the valves, or you can really save your money and pretend that it's all done and skip it, it's all up to you. But the moral of the story is that you won't find a shop to do a full 600 mile service for much less than $300, if they truly do check the valves. It's not that they aren't being honest, it's the going rate.
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