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Ok, so I've been reading a number of posts about people getting new risers to resolve back problems. I put on an Ultimate seat last year, which moved me back an inch or two. I countered with some 2" up/2" back Rivco risers, but that has not been enough. I did a 700 mile ride a couple of weeks ago and had lower back pain and pain between my shoulder blades for a week after I got back.

After reading some posts I took the plunge and ordered some Phatriser 3X's. They're supposed to bring the handlebars back about 5" which I'm sure will be enough. I understand I will need to run some extended length cables, unless I'm willing to reroute my existing cables behind the triple trees and release some of the cable ties. I don't like the idea of doing that if I don't have to, so instead of replacing the cables with the stock black color I thought this might be a good time to get some cables which complemented my bike,

I've found a place on the net which sells colored throttle cables ( and three places that sell colored spark plug cables (which I wasn't really planning on replacing):
A couple of questions:
  1. Where can I get colored brake and clutch cables of extended lengths?
  2. Will I have to extend anything other than the front brake, the clutch, and the throttle cable? For instance the turn signal, horn, or headlight wires?
  3. Are all cables compatible with our VTXs or are their metric vs imperial sizes I need to consider?
  4. Are there quality issues I should be aware of, such as there are with bolts?
I did a couple of searches on this forum and others, but have not found answers to these questions.


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There are a bunch of wires that run down the handlebars and mostly into the headlight bucket but a few may run directly back under the tank. There is a possibility that some of these will have to be cut and lengthened. It depends on just how much further back your new risers put the switch housings.


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