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Who's out there??

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OK, just poking around here and noticed this perfectly good unused forum for we, who live in the DC area. Specificly, I live in the Northern Virginia area about 30 miles NW of the city. I am a member of the Virginia X Riders and the Southern Cruisers Riding Club of Loudoun County. Plenty of rides and events around here.

So, if you live in the area and are looking for something to do on an X, please post here so we can get some riding done and some Meet & Greets put together.:choppersm :choppersm :cheers: :coffee: :coffee:
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Hey guys, I live in Winchester, VA. Pretty chilly this time of year, but, come spring time, I am always looking for weekend rides. Hit me up if anyone is headed out this way.
Keep an eye on th Virginia X Riders BB. We post local rides there.
Springtime can't come too soon for me. I'm just on the other side of the hill in Hillsboro. More than a bit chilly here too
Hey Outlaw, I think one of my coworkers knows you. He is a member of the SCRC as well. Roger Gaffey. He gave me the SCRC schedule for the year. I may try to hook up with you guys and join for a ride or two this year. I am also looking at coming out for the Skoot Skool in April.
I can't wait for the temps to go up. I am ready to put some miles on the new bike. I am sure I will see you out.
Hmm, I have been riding to work so much lately I haven't listened to Elliot in a while. Are they going out to Solomon's Island again?
1 - 4 of 63 Posts
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