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Why Men Don't write to Dear Abby

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Dear Abby,
I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice on what
could be a crucial decision.
I've suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me.
The usual signs... Phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. My
wife has been going out with the girls a lot recently
- although when I ask
their names she always says, "Just some friends from work, you don't know
I always stay awake to look out for her taxi coming home, but she always
walks down the street.
Anyway, I have never approached the subject with my wife. I think deep
down I just didn't want to know the truth, but last night she went out
again and I decided to really check on her.
I decided I was going to park my Harley Davidson motor cycle next to the
garage and then hide behind it so I could get a good view of the whole
street when she came home. It was at that moment, crouching behind my
Harley, that I noticed that the valve covers on my engine seemed to be
leaking a little oil.
Is this something I can fix myself or should I take it back to the dealer?

Worried Sic
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Just a typical biker dude! Loves the bike more than his old lady!
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