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Wichata Mountains Wildlife Refuge

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A very nice place to ride. Cruise to the top of Mt. Scott, more than a 1,000-ft. climb, 2.6 miles to the summit. Look out to see the giant wind generators, overlook Lake Lawtonka, and the beautiful view of the rest of the Wichita Mountains. Take the road and drive right next to Buffalo (american Bison) Texas Longhorns, and stop and feed the Prarie dogs (they enjoy teddy grams) :) If it gets too hot, you can stop in the visitor center and enjoy the AC and learn a bit more about the rest of the population of animals on the refuge. When you get to the end of the refuge, turn around, and do it again!
Before you leave you have to go down the road to a town called Meers where there is a burger joint that has The Meers Burger, one of the best around! See yall out there!
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Going there for the first time this weekend. Looks like a great ride!
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