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Willie and Max Saddle Bags with mounting brackets

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Giving up my Willie and Max leather saddle bags due to switching over to hard bags (thanks Benton Harbor Honda) These bags are in EXCELLENT shape, with only slight discoloration on the metal hardware on the clasps. This can probably be polished out with Wenol or something similar. The sale includes the mounding brackets. These bags are designed to lay across the rear fender under the passenger seat and are held off the wheels by the brackets. New, the bags are about $150 and the brackets are another $75. These will look GREAT on anybody's bike - they can be seen on my bike in pictures in my gallery, and if you dont want to spend tons on hard bags, they're a great option - they're well-made and should last you a long time and look great.

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please tell me the name of your hard bags i am looking for them to fit my 1300 s and cant find any....thanks
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