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Windsheild and Saddle Bag questions.....

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Ok so i am looking for a windshield for my bike i'm not sure what brands are good or whatnot but i am looking to spend under 200 bucks on one any suggestions? Also just got my throwover saddle bags and man they look sweet they came with brackets to keep them off the tires but i'm not sure how to mount them or if i even need them i don't see how the bags could get into the tires but i'm a newb at this stuff so i'm really unsure figured it'd be better to ask now then to not ask and screw up somehow. Thanks
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My vote is for Memphis Shades. Good product, not too expensive. As for the throwover bags, you definately want to secure them to the supports. you really don't want them flapping around when you're riding down the freeway and if they do move too much,they can scratch your paint also.
You have to be carefull with which saddlebag supports that you order. They are diffrent per model (i.e. c, S, R). I found out the hard way as well when I just grabbed a set for myself the first time and didn't pay attention to the fact that the package said for 1300R, not 1300C. As was stated earlier, there will be some bolts in the package and they will replace the stock bolts. It's a really simple task.

Good Luck
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