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I have a 1300C. I bought the bike because I like the sport styling of the bike. I am interested in getting a windshield but I do not want some big ugly thing. I am looking for something small that will still maintain the sport look.

Any suggestions?
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Scott, for my money, the Windvest is the hands-down winner.
Why, you might ask?

1. Superior build quality to all the rest. The bracket is a super high quality chrome but it does not overly draw attention to itself. The shield is virtually unfettered with attachment points as they are extremely small - almost unnoticeable.

2. Easy on - Easy off, plus the shield is adjustable up and down as well as for angle of attack. I set mine to follow the line of the front forks exactly.
Very, very sharp, sporty and sleek. Low coefficient of drag is an added plus.

3. The Windvest allows you to still feel like you're "in the wind" while doing its primary job of relieving the windload from your torso, chest and face. There is no adverse turbulence and what little buffeting exists is at or above the forehead. I've cruised at an honest 125mph and was amazed that the ride was as "smooth as silk".

4. Overall design makes it nearly invisible as it does not draw attention to itself. That said, my Windvest draws more comments from fellow riders as well as from passersby, than almost any other of the $6000 worth of goodies
on my X.

Whatever you end up buying, it will be more comfortable and safer than riding without a screen or shield. Many of my comments are predicated upon choosing the proper size for your application and then setting it up correctly (not hard to do). Most of the shield's attributes have been comparitively analyzed and contrasted with the best features of other top brands. The Windvest is more expensive than many , if not most, others. IMO, it is worth every penny. :icon_peac Safe riding!
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